The Art of Sacred Sexuality Retreat

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The Art of Sacred Sexuality Retreat

The Art of Sacred Sexuality Retreat brings you some of the most powerful and enlightened sacred sexuality coaches, teachers, healers and master manifestors from across the world.  Learn skills such as how to manifest anything you want using your sexual energy, how to heal your emotional, physical and spiritual bodies to achieve greater intimacy. Check out our upcoming retreats Here for details on workshops and location.

The Creators

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Brion and Karen Craig are life and relationship coaches who own Next Chapter Relationship Coaching  in Atlanta, GA to help couples and singles transition to the next phase and chapter in their lives.  

Brion and Karen also own “Live Heal Thrive Retreats” which hosts retreats and workshops that focus on themes such as Sensual Couples Retreats, The Art of Sacred Sexuality, and more.  They are also creators of the touring stage show, “The SENSuality Experience,”  which entertains and teaches their audience how to bring more passion and intimacy into their lives and relationships.  

In addition, they own Brion and Karen Boudoir Photography in Atlanta where they create stunning sensual images of women and couples. Brion and Karen are also the developers of the Energy Body Synergy Technique, an energy healing technique that helps users to release blockages that have prevented them from achieving abundance in every area of their lives.

Testimonial: Grateful for Connections

YASSSSSSSS! I am so grateful for this. the connections made this weekened was well worth it. personally and in business. i love love love it

Ok so I’d like to share how the retreat helped me:

First and foremost it confirmed alot of gifts I have within myself. I felt comfortable sharing them…I was in a safe space to laugh…to express my not so good feelings…to share secrets that i don’t normally share with other people. For the first time I was comfortable dancing sensually for a man…USING EYE CONTACT…i felt appreciated i felt loved…i was held with NO INTENT of sexual pleasure…i was naked and healed without the feelings ulterior motives. I was around women WHO WERE NOT JEALOUS OF EACH OTHER…NO COMPETITION NO CATTINESS…it changed my perspective on PEOPLE. I gained extended family. I also learned that i don’t want to cater and present at the same event….lol…but I loved everyone liked my food lol…..

It also confirmed why the lord of my 10th house (mercury) is chillin in my 8th house with venus cuz see “the way my planets are set up” ….I’M BOUT THIS LIFE!!! lol Peace and Love.